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Industrial Packaging

In industrial transportation, wooden pallets are often used as packing materials. Traditional wooden packaging materials have 3 areas of concern – biological invasion, flammability and aggravated deforestation.

To overcome the above concerns, wooden pallets must undergo stringent fumigation and fire retardant treatments. However, despite the effort and investment, they can only be used once. 

With RenewMaterial’s go-D Board, there is no such concern because they are high-density board that are moisture resistant and fire retardant, and hence deliver a better performance than wood. There are no living organisms in them and therefore does not pose the danger of biological invasion. Plus, not only can they be shipped directly to any country, they can also be reused. The whole shipping process is simple, time and money are saved and more importantly, it makes the most economic sense in the name of environmental protection.

Furthermore, the use of such eco-friendly trays not only reduce deforestation, it also makes great use agricultural waste. Enterprises that choose to use such materials will be earning “carbon credits”!

Increasingly, more and more enterprises are starting to take notice of and use go-D-Board as an alternative to wood. To name a few: HP, Philips, Shimano, Volkswagen, etc.