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Creating infinite possibilities

Since the beginning of humanity, mankind has been constantly working towards understanding Mother Nature and how to utilize natural resources so as to create an even better living environment. At go-D Hom, we are committed to using technology to create a better life and a safer future for everyone.

The first criterion for a better life is “safety”, and formaldehyde is considered to be the most toxic gas in the home environment. Data from the World Health Organization shows that each year, about 2.8 million deaths result from direct and indirect exposure to harmful gases indoor.

Currently, the main contributor of formaldehyde in China’s urban and rural homes is man-made panel board – found in home deco items, furniture, etc. go-D Hom can change that.

go-D Hom’s straw ecological home solutions use agricultural fibre to produce household items. In addition to being free of formaldehyde, our products are highly dense, moisture-resistant, energy-saving, noise reducing and fire-retardant.

In the area of artistic innovation, go-D Hom’s home solutions can be customized according to space requirements and personal preferences by engaging different processes to produce different materials, colors and textures. 

With go-D Hom ecological home solutions, the possibilities are infinite.