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Alternative-to-wood: The main topic at the 2017 National “Innovation Entrepreneurship Conference”

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RenewMaterial had the honor of presenting our star product, go-D Board to the thousands of visitors at this year’s National “Innovation Entrepreneurship Conference”, held at Shanghai’s Yangpu district.  

Go-D Board is an environmentally friendly alternative to wood panel board, which is durable, moisture resistant and fire retardant. It contains no formaldehyde but can easily be molded into various shapes and textures to suit different needs. This environmentally friendly board is suited for home and office interior décor and improvements, specifically for the production of furniture, backdrops, handicrafts and containers, etc, and RenewMaterial’s ambition is to have it as a commonly material used in office and home furnishing in the next 3 to 5 years.

This week-long event inspired the thousands of innovative entrepreneurs and attendees the dream of a greener planet and better life - by integrating nature and technology and investing in green building materials to provide one and all environmentally friendly products.